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Bat Conservation and Management, Inc. provides wildlife population, habitat, and mitigation surveys specializing in state and federally listed species of bats and custom-tailored to your specific project needs.

BCM’s USFWS permitted biologists have extensive experience in bat capture techniques, radio telemetry, acoustic monitoring, and habitat assessments. Our work includes partnering with energy companies for surveys on wind facilities, gas pipelines, electrical transmission lines, and mining facilities, as well as surveys for timber sales, highway construction, and government agencies. In addition, we can provide logistical field and technical support to collaborating partners on large projects.

The types of projects we specialize in include:

Fieldwork assistance for partners requiring any type of bat survey work

Habitat surveys, typically for Indiana bat, Northern long-eared, Eastern small footed, Tricolored bat, Florida bonneted bat, and Allegheny woodrat. 

Abandoned mine and cave surveys

Bat acoustic monitoring surveys and data analysis 

Bat roost video monitoring

Bat mist net, harp trap, and acoustic monitoring surveys

Radio telemetry tracking for foraging, roost, and migration studies

Bat exclusions and control

Artificial roost construction

Contact us with a summary of your project needs for an immediate quote and estimated availability. If you received a letter from the USFWS requesting a survey, those projects are generally classified one of two ways, with different levels of effort required for each.  Include your general location and total number of forested acres in your Project Area, or approximate length of of your project if linear in nature (pipelines, power lines, road, ridgetop wind facility, etc.).

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Professional Ecological Surveys
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For questions regarding...

Professional surveys, quotes, and study plans: email Todd and John

Sick or injured general wildlife: see PA Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators
Sick or injured bats: see PA Bat Rescue
Our advice for most accidental encounters with bats discovered outside will be to leave the animal where found; do not handle it, take it in, or attempt to care for it.

Are you tax exampt? No tax added outside of PA; no forms needed simply add your shipping address and tax will be removed automatically. If inside PA, create an account and then contact Lori with your certificate to set the account to tax-exempt: email Lori

New and old orders: email Lori
Tech questions about cameras, IR lights, bat detectors or SonoBat email John
Bat detector repairs: email Todd
Bat houses and installations: email John

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