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Bat Workshop Testimonials

Comments from participants:

"As a beginner in the acoustics world this course had an overwhelming amount of information, but was presented in a way that made it manageable to take it all in. Instructors made the course fun and engaging, and overall it was a very enjoyable course and I left feeling like I got more than my money's worth of information."

"Ask questions, John, Joe and Dave have an astounding amount of knowledge, use them! They are the best tools of the course."

"Learning how to use SonoBat was the best part for me. I've used KaleidoscopePro but I see now how much more powerful SonoBat is at keying in on important features of each call. Learning the eastern bat calls was also really helpful. The tips on microphone placement were helpful, as well."

"Bat or Not a Bat was an excellent start to these presentations. Learning how to differentiate between various noises recorded on detectors was extremely insightful."

"Learning how to post process data in KAPro+Sonobat was great and made the process appear less daunting that I originally thought."

"The informal discussions that took place off camera between John, Joe and Dave were equally as informative and show a glimpse at all the nuances that go into manually vetting calls."

"I thought everything ran smoothly and really appreciated the smaller class size."

"Evening geek sessions offered ample time to deep dive any concerning topics."

"Instructors were approachable and open to questions, very knowledgeable and provided detailed answers."

"This was more than I could have hoped for in the 3 day class and would recommend this class to anyone getting ready for bat acoustic surveys or even as a refresher to those with more experience."

"Much of what was learned will go into producing internal instructions/work procedures and setting up our field work for success: including (1) Tips and tricks for deploying both passive and active acoustic monitors, identifying issues/troubleshooting, device settings, etc., (2) data management/naming conventions to ensure consistency throughout a projects timespan and across different projects to keep data organized and informative, and (3) guidance and experience interpreting and identifying field results (is the recorder in a good spot, or is it picking up noise, is the call a bat, assessing the quality of the bat call to determine whether it is a good candidate to use for ID, etc."

"I just wanted to thank you all for a great workshop over the past two days. I appreciate learning new tips and tricks to improve my workflow and manual ID skills."

"Thank you for holding these trainings and giving us a virtual option. I would not have been able to attend in person so this fit the bill perfectly!"



Bat Survey Support

Need to start a project but have no time for training? We partner with consultants large and small nationwide to provide equipment, technicians, analysis, netting, trapping, radio telemetry, and custom training workshops. Please contact John Chenger at or (814) 442-4246 to discuss your project and timelines. 

Have you already conducted an acoustic survey and looking for a second opinion on your data? BCM may be able to help with its Professional Acoustic Data Analysis Service.

These classes jumpstart new users towards responsibly interpreting acoustic bat detector studies required by agencies, clients, and professional researchers. Moderately experienced users will appreciate the call ID refresher, manual review practice, and learning deeper features of SonoBat.

Each workshop's details vary with local research needs, access, conditions, and available resources. For venue-specific details, meals, & lodging suggestions, please view the event registration page: