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Gallery: Nationwide Bat Workshops and Acoustic Courses

For biologists just starting out with bat-work who need hands-on experience with a full range of survey equipment, to seasoned professionals who desire continuing education with the latest gear, courses provided by Bat Survey Solutions, LLC provide it all. BCM is proud to continue partnering with BatSS providing staff, equipment, and logistics for what continues to be the most highly regarded bat training events found in the US. 

Bat work is often a “numbers game,” and our numbers for interpreting bats are best summarized by the following: 6 unique physical capture methods; 3 marking, banding, and tracking tools; at least 4 handling, measuring and processing resources; 22 different types of acoustic recording solutions; more than 5 software programs to analyze acoustic data; 7 different methods for identifying bats on the wing; and over 100 pages of reference resources to support our curriculum. The result is one of the most comprehensive, unbiased, and complete looks at local bats at every training venue. Each venue is unique and spans the entire country; for venue specific details and registration, please see Bat Survey Solutions website. A quick peek at upcoming events can be viewed on our calendar.