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Team and Project Experience

Bat Conservation and Management, Inc. ecological services, workshops, and events combine the talents of Cal Butchkoski, Bryan Butler, John Chenger, Lori Chenger, Keith Christenson, David Riggs, Todd Sinander, Joe Szewczak, Janet Tyburec, and others. We are professionals with training in Wildlife Biology, Education, Information Technology, Photography, Technical Writing, Videography, and other complementary disciplines. We provide field services to address a full range of bat study and management concerns. Clients and customers receive the benefit of decades of experience we bring to every project and program. Our mission is to assist and empower others with the resources needed to effectively and efficiently manage bat populations in North America and beyond.

Thru decades of collaboration, we have developed a loyal cadre of professionals to assist and advise on every project and program. All of our projects include a unique assemblage of professionals that work synergistically to provide the highest degree of professionalism. Our valued colleagues and collaborators include:

Some staff have been studying bats long before BCM was established in 2000.
Below is a sampling of more recent projects completed: