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Bat House Installation Quote Request

bat house installationbat house installationbat house installationbat house installationbat house installation

Service areas are typically PA, MD, NY, OH, WV, FL, VA,  and the I-95 corridor in NC/SC/GA with flexible schedules.

  • Siting, and install fee is $495.00 for single post installs such as ColonyLodge or Super Rocket Roost on one post or building.
  • Install fee is $595.00 for one double post Super Duplex, 2x2 Modular Condo or 3x3 Modular Condo. These structures -require- 4x4 pickup truck access to the exact install site.
  • All installs include 4''x6''x16'  treated post, and minimum 80 lbs. of concrete mix, and post setting 2.5' deep minimum. Cement will be mounded at the base which will also prevent vegetation encroachment that will shorten the life of the post.
  • $85 for each additional post location, including the post and cement. (Super Duplex, 2x2, and 3x3 may have additional charge.
  • Optional post protector $50 per post. If  location is often damp or wet, request a post protector which may greatly extend life of the post at ground level.
  • Delivery fee is calculated based on address provided.

The above sample fees do not include the bat house or pole mount which must be purchased separately, or added into your total installation estimate (Rocket Roosts, 2x2s, and 3x3s do not need a pole mount kit). Two bat houses can be mounted back-to-back on a single post. Please specify if more than two posts/bat house locations are desired on the quote request form below. Mini Condos and Bat Condos are custom items with special install fees. 


Posts are treated lumber and may warp as they dry out and age; this is natural and unpredictable. There is no warranty on posts or installation expressed or implied. All install fees are final and non-refundable. Posts are installed in a maximum 3' deep by 10'' wide hand-dug hole. Homeowners uncertain of where underground utilities are located should contact "Call-before-you-Dig" at Tel.#811 before we dig to install your bat house. Inspection must be completed prior to your scheduled bat house install date. 
Use the link below to request a free quote for your custom bat house installation. We will provide an online draft order which will include all costs, which you can then complete by securely entering payment information. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!