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How To Use a SonoBatLIVE and an overview of the Pettersson M500 microphone

The most advanced live bat capture software available

SonoBat is professional bat call analysis software. 


It is the only North American classifier to not just accept full-spectrum data, but to also perform data extraction and analysis using full-spectrum data processing. SonoBat renders high resolution sonograms of each call pulse to support the SonoBat intelligent call trending algorithm to extract full call trends through low amplitude or noisy conditions inaccessible to other methods. Extracting more information content from your recordings means better results.


SonoBat bases its decisions on the most robust, species-confirmed full-spectrum reference library in the world. A systematic project begun in 1991, each year it is refined with continental-wide meticulous tracking, recording, and interpreting bats in the field.


SonoBat LIVE performs uncompromised SonoBat analysis and classification on live bat calls recorded in real time. Intelligent noise rejection ensures only bat calls are recorded for analysis. Researchers can add location metadata during recording to eliminate any post-processing chores.


The video below gives a good overview on how the SonoBatLIVE capture software works. Besides the software, a Windows 10 computer is required, as well as an ultrasonic microphone. Compatible microphones include the Pettersson M500, the Pettersson u256 & u384, the Binary Acoustic Technology AR series and the MiniMic.


SonoBat is a leading commerical bat call analysis software, and all of these microphones are considered professional grade and can be used for serious bat research studies.



Pettersson M500-384 Microphone Overview

BCM highly recommends the Pettersson M500 microphone for bat research, public interpretation, and serious bat enthusiasts wanting high-quality ultrasound recordings suitable for sophisticated measurements and analysis.

Our favorite heterodyne bat detectors

Pettersson D100

A great advantage of heterodyne detectors like the D100 is that they are more sensitive; the D100 has dual microphones. They pick up bats at further distances than FS, FD, or ZC tech. They work out of the box; no fussing with smart devices, computers, or menus.



This wicked smart HET tunes itself to the strongest bat frequency in your environment, and also suppresses low frequency noise for a clear sound. The unique stereo version creates a "surround sound" experiance when using headphones.


Pettersson D200

This heterodyne detector features a very accurate backlit digital display allowing you to tune into your target frequency with the most precision.