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Our Team: Lori Chenger, Business Manager & Biologist

Ever since joining BCM and marrying John, Lori has found herself engaged in a constant mix of all projects. Whether it be out in the field conducting mist-netting, acoustic surveys, hibernacula trapping, mine assessments, installing bat houses, or in the office working with customers & making sure our shop is supplied, Lori is the true "Girl Friday" at BCM and is the person who really knows what's going on. After getting her start owning several small business, Lori has been somewhat unknowingly been thrust into bat biology which has allowed her to continue to foster a lifelong love and appreciation for the outdoors. When not out in the field, Lori can be found around BCM’s offices doing things such as report-writing, client support and communication, fulfilling orders, bookkeeping, and event planning. She has become actively involved in assisting with bat survey workshops, which helps in supporting one of the things she enjoys most— building relationships and teaching. 

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