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Bat Workshop Training

Bat Workshop Training Provided by Bat Survey Solutions, LLC

Bat Conservation and Management partners with Bat Survey Solutions, LLC to provide some of the most comprehensive bat survey training opportunities available today, presented at world class field settings in the US.

Bat Survey Solutions is led by professionals with training in design, education, information technology, photography, technical writing, wildlife biology, videography, and other complementary disciplines. BatSS staff bring decades of experience to every program; since 1992 staff has instructed over 3,000 wildlife professionals, land managers, and students using a wide range of capture methods, over two dozen models of acoustic hardware, and an array of acoustic analysis software.

BCM sharesBatSS's mission to empower others with the resources needed to effectively and efficiently manage bat populations in North America and beyond. Three types of curriculums are offered, though any may be customized to suit the needs of agencies or corporate clients.




Our 8-day/7-night field courses provide guided, hands-on experience with bat survey techniques including harp traps and single-, double-, and triple-high mist net sets, as well as bat handling, removal from nets and traps, identification, banding, WNS decontamination and disinfection techniques, echolocation call recording, and data processing. Radio telemetry, video-recording methods, and a full range of active, passive and mobile acoustic-survey techniques are highlighted. Students learn how to integrate acoustic monitoring as a survey technique for effective, efficient comprehensive bat surveys. Participants gain hands-on experience with bat detector and microphone placement, automated data collection, post processing steps, protocols for deploying acoustic transects, and methods for collecting active recordings. Students receive unparalleled opportunities to deploy and “test-drive” an impressive array of bat survey equipment, including a full range of bat detector models available from all major manufacturers today.



These classes include a 5 day schedule of combined classroom lectures and hands-on practice. The Acoustic Survey Methods workshops teach students all the topics covered in the basic “Acoustic Data Management” workshop but combine it with in-field demonstrations. Structured outdoor field trips at venues and times conducive for intercepting wild bats allow us to illustrate how to locate, deploy, collect, and analyze real data from active, passive, and mobile acoustic transect surveys. We continue to feature KaleidoscopePro and SonoBat™ software side-by-side for viewing and identifying species, in addition to teaching users how to analyze full-spectrum *.wav files with other popular software (e.g., BCID and EchoClass).


In a 3 day classroom setting, students learn about the theory behind recording and analyzing ultrasonic bat vocalizations. We teach participants how to interpret quantitative analysis outputs from auto-classification software programs and how to perform qualitative analysis (i.e., manual vetting) to confirm bat species presence. Pre-recorded bat calls from regional acoustic inventories are used for hands-on analysis demonstrations. Students are also encouraged to bring in their own files to process. KaleidoscopePro and SonoBat™ software for viewing and identifying species is featured side-by-side, but we also demonstrate how to use full-spectrum *.wav files with other available programs (e.g., BCID and EchoClass).


For a schedule of upcoming classes or more information about these training opportunities please see Bat Survey Solutions, LLC