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Our Team: Amanda Miller, Workshop Instructor

Amanda Miller is a licensed Professional Geologist and Endangered Species Specialist. Prior to embarking on her geological career, she earned a BS in Communication from the University of Tennessee and initially pursued a career in marketing. However, her passion for “playing in the dirt” and being outside eventually led her to return to school at the University of Texas in San Antonio, where she earned a BS in Geology. After graduating, Amanda began her career as a government contractor, where she engaged in various exciting projects, including a long-term assignment looking for unexploded ordnance in the remote wilderness of Alaska. She eventually found her way to exploring and mapping caves in Texas, where she began incorporating endangered species work surveying for endangered karst invertebrates.

Currently employed by TTL, Inc. and residing in Tennessee, Amanda has expanded her geology experience and passion for endangered species into bat conservation. She participates in acoustic surveys, mist netting surveys, harp trapping, bridge and culvert surveys, and volunteer bat projects. Outside of work, Amanda is an avid runner and gardener, bringing her enthusiasm to everything she does. Beyond her professional endeavors, Amanda is committed to education and outreach. She has shared her expertise through professional presentations on bats and STEM presentations on geology for elementary and middle school students, highlighting her dedication to both her field and the community.


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