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Dreamy Bat Houses

Just a few bats can eat thousands of insects in a single night, making them the perfect substitute for nasty pesticides. By eating everything from crop-pest beetles to annoying mosquitoes, bats help keep your garden and your family safe. Simply just having bats nearby actually can drive away some insects!

Bat Conservation and Management has designed and built bat houses across the US since 1999. We offer three categories of bat houses for all budgets and requirements.

Dream Series

DreamRoost single chamber and DreamLodge three chamber bat houses are handmade by master craftsmen using cedar lumber and finished with a polyurethane clear coat to preserve the exquisite woodgrain finish. Cedar is naturally rot-resistant, but functionally performs the same as any of our other bat houses. We go over the top, including a synthetic roof made from a slab of recycled plastic lumber. Dreamy bat houses are perhaps for very showy locations or gifts.

Dreamy Bat Houses

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