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Bat Acoustic Fieldwork
and Data Management Workshops


Punta Gorda, FL • January 2017 AVAILABLE


Tucson, AZ • April 2017 AVAILABLE



Acoustic Data Management Workshops


Harrisburg, PA • October 2017 AVAILABLE




Survey Techniques Workshops

SWRS - Portal, AZ
May, 2016


Winema Lodge - Tulelake, CA
July 2017

Park Mammoth Resort -Park City, KY
September 2017


Custom "Decision Maker" Workshops
Schedule your tailored in-house training
when most convenient for your agency's staff

Acoustic Data Management Workshop

AnalysisVettingPromoOur Bat Acoustic Data Management Workshop is designed to help users to responsibly interpret acoustic survey results desired by agencies and clients. This class will demonstrate current acoustic inventory techniques using full-spectrum detectors. The focus is on specific data management workflows, including analysis using SonoBat, BCID, Kaleidoscope, and EchoClass software, how to interpret AutoID results from these programs, and how to manually confirm or reject the automated classification results. Participants will be empowered to compare results of multiple autoclassifiers themselves rather than relying heavily on outside contractors for data analysis.


Participants will learn how to speed post-processing and enhance call analysis. We will demonstrate the workflow for converting full-spectrum files for use with zero-cross programs: EchoClass, BCID, and Kaleidoscope Pro. This class will illustrate the short-comings of simply accepting the output results from automated classifiers. Students will learn how to manually review recordings to ensure accurate identification and occupancy results. Instructors will also show participants how to interpret the automated outputs generated by EchoClass, BCID, Kaleidoscope Pro, and SonoBat, to accurately report on results and determine confidence in the MLE values and species classifications. This course will provide students with realistic essentials of call-collection and processing that is likely to occur during actual acoustic field surveys to satisfy agency acoustic survey guidelines.


This class is an advanced workshop for students already familiar with acoustic monitoring software or who have attended a previous FS or ZC acoustic workshop. This is a data-management intensive workshop, which demonstrates the realism of reporting on survey results compiled from multiple detectors deployed for multiple days. A working knowledge of Microsoft Excel is mandatory for all students.


Bat Survey Techniques Workshops

Eastern and Western Venues

item5With their nocturnal, flighted lifestyles, bats present a unique challenge for biologists tasked with inventory and monitoring efforts for these cryptic mammals. The Bat Survey Techniques courses provide intensive, hands-on experience with all manner of bat survey methods, including extensive work with the rapidly evolving science of collecting and analyzing ultrasonic echolocation recordings. These workshops are scheduled during times when bats can be collected physically, acoustically, and visually while conducting evening field trips. Outings at each venue will provide hands-on experience in deploying gear and collecting data to process during daytime classroom demonstrations, with special emphasis on identifying local bat species. Night-time activities at nearby field sites will demonstrate tools and techniques for both short term and long-term active and passive monitoring of bats.


Participants receive hands-on assembly and deployment instruction with BCM-provided harp traps and single-, double-, and triple-high mist net sets. Evening activities include bat handling, removal from nets and traps, identification, banding, WNS decontamination and disinfection techniques, echolocation call recording, and data processing. Acoustic microphone placement, automated data collection, post processing, protocols for deploying acoustic transects, and methods for collecting active recordings of bats are featured. In addition, hands-on radio telemetry and acoustic-monitoring techniques will be highlighted.


A goal of each workshop is also to integrate acoustic survey methods with physical capture techniques, including collecting voucher calls to facilitate more confident species identification so participants receive a start to their own personal echolocation call library. There are opportunities every night to deploy either BCM bat detectors or participant-provided units, as well as to test drive a "participant’s choice" of popular new devices including: Binary Acoustic Technologies AR125/AR125EXT, miniMIC, and iFR-IV passive recorders, the Elekon Batlogger, Pettersson D240x, M500, D500x, D1000x, Titley AnaBat SD1/2 and AnaBat Express units, and Wildlife Acoustics SM2BAT, SM3 and EM3 models and microphones.


Proof of current rabies titer is required for participants to handle bats, though students wishing to focus on acoustic survey techniques can opt out of any handling sessions and therefore will not need rabies pre-exposure vaccinations. This workshop is flexible enough to be tailored to individual student training needs. It is suitable for professional consultants, environmental educators, wildlife agency employees, land managers, and others looking to gain guided, hands-on experience with bats and current survey methods for their study. Field trips are tailored to each venue, capitalizing on the unique natural resources of the locality. Thanks to unparalleled access to our premiere field locations, there are absolutely no other comparable courses, which accomplish so much in so little time.




Bat Acoustic Fieldwork and Data Management Workshopsitem2

Acoustic Software Training courses allows us to delve more deeply into the practical application of acoustic monitoring for bat surveys, beginning with the fundamentals of acoustics to interpret the biology and ecology of bat echolocation. A number of bat detectors will be on hand for demonstration and to obtain local field recordings from passive, active, and mobile transects (weather permitting). This provides students with realistic examples of call collection concepts and processing work-flows likely to occur during actual acoustic efforts in the field. Moreover, participants are encouraged to bring their own data files to process. While we feature the SonoBat workflow for viewing and determining species, our workshops do not lock you into any one software or hardware system. Specific data management tips will be demonstrated, including analysis using SonoBat, BCID, Kaleidoscope, and EchoClass software, how to interpret AutoID results from these programs, and how to manually confirm or reject the automated classification results. Participants will be empowered to compare results of multiple autoclassifiers themselves rather than relying heavily on outside contractors for data analysis. Due to time constraints we cannot fully introduce AnaLook or use AnaBat files during this course.



Custom Decision Maker Workshops

AZSilverCrk2A Custom Decision Maker Workshop can highlight any current bat conservation and research techniques of interest. These courses are designed to "put it all together" for local wildlife staff, ensuring that biologists spending time in the field maximize their efforts to take a more comprehensive look at the bats on the landscape without falling prey to common pitfalls your veteran instructors have all experienced.


This course is custom-designed at all levels for any organization, company or agency based on the immediate needs and concerns for bat work. The local hosts get to specify the program content, length, and location. During the program participants can be given guided autonomy to visit a site and carry out a physical capture effort that is combined with passive bat-detector monitoring and an active mobile acoustic transect inventory plan. Participants should already be familiar with basic mist net setup and removing bats from mist nets and host institutions should have access to basic field gear, including mist nets, poles, bat detectors, and all relevant local, state, and federal collecting permits.


Please write or call for availability. Private workshops can be customized to any location; please contact Janet Tyburec or John Chenger for sample agendas, quotes, or to sponsor a regional training course for a collection of local biologists.

BCM has participated in the following additional events:
BCI Bat Conservation and Management Workshop - May 7-12, 2012 in AZ
BCI Bat Conservation and Management Workshop - May 13-18, 2012 in AZ
BCI Advanced Capture Techniques - May 19-23, 2012 in AZ
BCI Bat Conservation and Management Workshop - July 6-11, 2012 in CA
BCI Acoustic Monitoring Workshop - July 12-17, 2012 in CA
UBCC Bat Workshop - July 30-August 2, 2012 in UT
BCI Bat Conservation and Management Workshop - August 17-22, 2012 in PA

Bat Study
Techniques 2008

Shellsburg, PA

Bat Study
Techniques 2009

Morristown, NJ

Bat Study
Techniques 2009

Farmington, PA

Eastern Field
Techniques 2010

Uniontown, PA

Eastern Bat Acoustics
Field Techniques 2012

Park City, KY

SonoBat Software
Training 2012

Carlisle, PA

Western Field
Techniques 2011

Tucson, AZ


Sound reasons
to enroll in
our workshops today!


Compare course content. Look closely at the comprehensive overviews of the specific venues below. Compare to any other similar workshop course and you'll see these events stand up to much more expensive classes. Our programs are refreshed before every workshop to reflect the latest information on rapidly advancing technologies. We cover all the essential elements of acoustic monitoring and study techniques in fast-paced, well-designed days and nights.

Consider practical benefits. We offer opportunities to use a huge selection of bat detectors, software, and trapping gear, allowing students to try out tools and concepts immediately.

Staffed by real world power users. Several seasoned instructors are your teachers; people who conduct thousands of hours of surveys each year. But the goal by the end of the session is to have participants in command of fieldwork.

Notice the tuition cost. We believe in quality training at a price that is affordable. Consider the access you will have to a full range of equipment and to instructors who are power-users of the technology. This allows you to jump-start your project while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls. You will quickly recoup the tuition fee with time and aggravation savings!

Consider the value of reference materials. At no extra charge you'll receive PDF versions of all presentations, trial versions of analysis software, custom reference keys, electronic copies of all hand-outs and group data sharing.

Tailor the training to meet your specific needs. We can help you choose the appropriate workshop for your particular needs. Moreover, instructors adapt their presentations on the fly to meet the unique needs of each group.

Maximize your training budget. Completely customized workshops are available to suit your organization or agency. On-site training allows you to educate your entire staff for less than the cost of traditional public seminars or other options. A custom workshop assures that your group can attend at your convenience; we bring the workshop to you, saving the hassle and expense of travel.

Detector platform independant. We beleive there is no one perfect detector (yet!) and regardless of what brand bat recorder your bring, we have power-users who can assist you to get up and running, and provide advanced tips to help you get the best sound quality of whatever device you own. We do not lock participants into one hardware or software workflow. We provide loaner gear and encourage side-by-side tests of detectors so users see for themselves how different equipment in different situations will perform.


What participants said about Acoustic Software Training Courses...
Take it. How often do you get the chance to discuss implementation and use of proprietary software with the person who created it, particularly in such a small -group informal setting.

As with all BCM workshops-- excellent!

Great job! Thank you very much for organizing. Overall this was a super class!

Definitely take the course to understand what the program is actually doing to understand limitations (with recording/analyzing bat acoustic monitoring).

Joe was great with making time to speak with us. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in the acoustics field.


What participants said about Bat Survey Techniques Workshops...

Exceeded my expectations.


This was the most valuable and interesting course I have ever enrolled in! I expressed this to not only my co- workers, but also my friends and family. Thanks again and look forward to attending another one in the future!


Don't miss the chance to experience this workshop!

It's a great course, take it, you will learn a ton.

If you can afford the time, take it!

Worth the money!

Exciting and a great opportunity to learn the newest data on research and WNS and handling opportunities.

Try everything and learn from participants as well as instructors.

I would strongly recommend this workshop to college undergraduates interested in wildlife conservation/management.

It is totally worth the money and crazy schedule, the people, location, experience and education are priceless.

If you have an interest in bats, you HAVE TO take this workshop.

Instructors were the best!

It's hard to imagine anyone would leave feeling like they didn't gain a lot from this course.

Absolutely take this workshop! Well worth the time, energy, and investment - rewards the interested biologist with a life-long passion. Thank you!

You'll have ample opportunity to learn more than enough about bats, bat trapping techniques, and bat handling and walk away feeling confident about your new knowledge of bats.

If you plan on using full-spectrum detectors and SonoBat, this course is invaluable!

Your passion for all things "bat" is incredibly infectious. I really appreciated all of the time you took to explain the SM2BAT+ to me and all the thoughtful answers you gave to my questions.

Sign up - no hesitations!

Definitely worth taking if you are interested in collecting acoustic data!”

I was impressed with the numbers of detectors available to use. I was expecting to have to work in groups to use just one detector. Now I feel more confident using these devices.

I recommend this workshop very highly.”

A wide range of topics were covered even though this was billed as a SonoBat-focused workshop. I picked up a lot of useful information across the board.


Take the course, it is well worth it.


Expect a full couple of days.


I would highly recommend this course to colleagues.


The entire workshop was a complete success. It was obvious a lot of thought had been given to setting up the class agenda and outdoor activity locations. The diversity of topics and hands-on experiences covered was appropriated for the duration of the workshop.


Be sure to get pre-exposure rabies vaccination to take full advantage of the activities.


I learned more about bats and bat conservation this weekend than I ever expected.


Despite the fast pace of the workshop, the instructor-to-student ratio afforded all students a great learning experience.

Bat Workshops
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Since 1992 Bat Survey Solutions and BCM staff has taught
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