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Grey Bat Swarm

One of the study areas at the KY bat workshop venue

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New item!BatHouseBunkerPlusBLK2

Bat Bunker Plus

exclusively from BCM

Where is BCM? During the 2014 season we have in progress:

- bat capture surveys in MO, PA, IA, MD, KY, and AZ (the majority which were environmental assessments for Indiana bats)

- radio telemetry assistance/collaboration on Myotis septentrionalis in PA

- radio telemetry on 13 Myotis septentrionalis in PA

- radio telemetry tracking 2 Myotis leibii to barns in PA

- 594 acoustic monitoring sites in PA and counting

- 113 acoustic monitroing sites in NY


'Tis the season for new bat detector comparisons. We are now testing 10 different long-term passive mic configurations from 3 manufacturers in a week long real-world batty environment. We are also making recordings with the new Echometer Touch, watch our reviews section for updates.


Join John Chenger/BCM and Janet Tyburec/JTConsulting test-driving the new Wildlife Acoustics SM3 bat detector. We will be putting these detectors thru their paces at all of our workshops along side the usual assortment of makes and models from Wildlife Acoustics and other manufacturers.


John Chenger, Todd Sinander (BCM), and Dave Riggs (Myotisoft) recently assisted the PA Game Commission with winter bat surveys in several caves and mines. Check out video and photos!


BCM is now supplying the Bat Bunker artifical roost. We made some in-house mods to the shell and increased the capacity to make it a "Plus" for your local bat population!


Where was BCM? During the 2013 season we successfully completed:

~262 nights of bat capture surveys in PA, OH, WV, IA, KY, and AZ (the majority which were environmental assessments for Indiana bats)

~216 nights of acoustic monitoring in PA, IA, NY, OH, KY, and WV

~33 nights of trapping and acoustic monitoring abandoned mine features in PA

~radio tracking on two Indiana bats

~day and night radio tracking on three Eastern small-footed bats


Janet Tyburec presented Calculating Accuracy Rates Among BCID, EchoClass, Kaleidoscope Pro, and SonoBat at the 2014 SBDN Meeting; John Chenger and Joe Szewczak coauthored.


Janet Tyburec and John Chenger presented Comparing bat detector deployments at different heights, in different orientations, and using different microphone types at the 2014 SBDN Meeting.


Using Auto-classifiers to Determine Occupancy: Clinton, NJ Chenger and Tyburec presented a mini symposia at the 2014 NEBWG meeting and at the 2014 SBDN meeting demonstrating real-world results of auto-classification software with 130 people in attendance.


Acoustic Monitoring Decision Maker Workshop: State College, PA Chenger and Tyburec presented a custom workshop for Region 5 biologists and land managers in October 2013 to demonstrate best practices for collecting echolocation calls, real-world results of auto-classification software, and protocols for acoustic inventory and monitoring of bats.


2013 Society of Mining Engineers Anthracite Section John Chenger was the keynote speaker at the 2013 Society of Mining Engineers Anthracite Section meeting and spoke on threats to bats which is driving changes to sampling protocols.


2013 NE Bat Working Group Meeting:

Janet Tyburec presented "Using Auto-Classifiers for Acoustic Surveys: Do Results Reflect Reality."
John Chenger presented "How to Get That Endangered Bat Out of Your House in 20 Minutes."
Joe Szewczak presented "A Field Test of Two Acoustic Classification Systems to Discriminate Indiana Bats (Myotis sodalis)."


2013 SE Bat Diversity Network Meeting:

Janet Tyburec presented an updated "Using Auto-Classifiers for Acoustic Surveys: Do Results Reflect Reality" which now includes Kaleidoscope Pro.
Joe Szewczak presented the SonoBat Expert System for bat call analysis.

Upcoming BCM Events:


Acoustic Software Training

Featuring SonoBat in addition to BCID, EchoClass, and Kaleidoscope Pro


IA- Region 3 FWS, June 3-5, 2014 (full)

WV, June 9-11, 2014 (full)



Bat Survey Techniques

Mist net, harp trap, and acoustic capture
in world class field settings


AZ, May 16-22, 2014 (full)


KY, September 10-16, 2014 (full)




Visit with BCM during these
upcoming batty

4th Annual Mammoth Cave Bat Night September 6, 2014

 Have you ever wondered how scientists study bats?  Would you like to use night vision equipment to watch bats flying out of a cave?  Would you like to see what bats eat or hear the different calls that bats make? Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about bats, talk to bat researchers, and gain hands-on experience using the scientific equipment that researchers use to study bats.  There is no admission fee for Bat Night events and activities.

NASBR 44; October 22-25
Conference of the North American Symposium on Bat Research in Albany, NY



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