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Our Team: Keith Christenson, Wildlife Biologist

Keith Christenson is a wildlife biologist who primarily works with bats.  Beginning as a sport caver in 1989, he started drifting into cave science, and then more specifically hibernating bats, before returning to Penn State University to complete a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science.  Currently, he is a Wildlife Biologist at Sanders Environmental, performing work related to locating the foraging and roosting locations of endangered bats across the eastern United States.

Along with his work in the US, Keith has lived overseas in five different countries and participated in dozens of international expeditions related to caves and/or bats, usually as the team biologist and still photographer.  Along the way, he has been on more than 1000 cave trips and had the opportunity to work with thousands of bats from over 40 different genera.  His photography has been used by National Geographic, Shutterbug Magazine, and many other publications relating to caves and bats.