photo2In general, the AnaBat returned the fewest number of files with the fewest number of pulses in each . . . it has a directional mic, just like the Pettersson D500x, but the electronics in the AnaBat are less sensitive than those of the full-spectrum detectors.

The Batlogger performs nicely with it's omnidirectional mic, it is most like the SM2, but generally returns better recordings, especially with the data skipping issue on the SM2.

Interestingly, when you have a SM2 file with the data skips, there are more pulses in the recording when you play the sound, but to visualize the output, only half the pulses are illustrated . . . very odd, and very disturbing. SonoBat cannot calculate a trend line on the pulses with skipped data, so they are essentially useless. Per manufacturer's suggestion, I've used Kingston 8GB, Kingston 4GB, ADATA 8GB, and Kodak 4GB cards. SanDisk 16GB and SanDisk 8GB SD cards. All are class 4, but the ADATA card is a class 6. All skip terribly, but the Kodak disk has returned files with the fewest skips. With no other explanation forthcoming from the manufacturer, 3rd party analysis suggests this is a hardware issue inherent on SM2 384 and 192 due to lack of onboard RAM that buffers data to the disk.

It is interesting to compare how each detector did night to night, and when recording the various numbers of HF, LF and ULF bat calls each recorded. One night (January 23) we had a mighty flock of NYCMAC over the microphones and the Batlogger failed to detect a single one, even though the HPF was set to 12 kHz, just like the SM2BAT+, which collected plenty.

On January 24 there was a threat of rain when I did not put out the ELK or TIT bat detectors because they are not equipped with external mics. No microphones had any sort of weatherproofing, except the SM2 had the manufacturer recommended windscreen. For specific detector system settings, please see the note on each SonoBat screenshot. The Anabat was consistently deployed with the sensitivity at "6.5" with a division ratio of 8.

Contributed by Janet Tyburec/Tucson
Anabat user and bat workshop developer since 1989

January 21, 2013 Bat Detector Simultaneous Recordings


Night-by-Night Detector Performance Summary at a glance...

Detector Trial January 21-25, 2013 Summary

Bat Detector Comparison

Anabat SD1

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Elekon Batlogger

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Pettersson D500x w/ext mic

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Wildlife Acoustics SM2BAT384 w/ext SMXUS mic




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January 23, 2013 Bat Detector Simultaneous Recordings


January 22, 2013 Bat Detector Simultaneous Recordings


January 24, 2013 Bat Detector Paired Recordings


January 26, 2013 Bat Detector Paired Recordings


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