StenLight LED Headlamp Package

Headlamp Package: $330.00
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StenLight LED Headlamp
StenLight S7 Headlamp only,

requires 6-18v power source. Photo.

StenLight S7 Headlamp: $230.00

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StenLight Head strap
This is a heavy duty head strap made from solid nylon webbing and aluminum. Robust and comfortable. Made for StenLight but will accept any headlamp with a blade mount. Photo

StenLight Head strap:$35.00

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shickshinneymineFinally a headlamp worth taking everywhere.

The StenLight S7 is a high powered LED lamp designed especially for the hostile caving environment. Mud, water, and shock-resistant, the S7 was designed by cavers to address the shortcomings of conventional cave lamps.The result is an exceedingly bright, comfortable headlamp built like a tank, compact to take anywhere, and lasts (seemingly) forever between charges. BCM is rather discriminating when it comes to field gear. This is by far the most robust headlamp we have ever used; bright enough to see bats in a 12m triple high and can go for a week of mist netting between charges. We have even used them when shooting video at night.Most find this lamp actually -too bright- on the Turbo setting when untangling bats and just use a lower setting when working on nearby tasks.

The headpiece, which is totally waterproof to -20 feet, encloses two 3-watt Luxeon LEDs, one narrow beam and one flood. A long-throw magnetic switch rotates through 4 current-regulated brightness levels (low, medium, high, and turbo). A pivoting blade mount puts the light where you need it. The battery is a sealed 2.3Ah Lithium-ion pack that disconnects at a midline Molex plug. It mounts to rear of helmet using the supplied 3M™ Dual Lock™ fastener. It can also be used with the head strap accessory.The smart AC charger will recharge a fully drained battery in 3-4 hours; a color-changing LED status light indicates when it's done.

Key Features:

The StenLight S7 uses a high-efficiency all-analog control circuit that regulates LED current in all brightness modes, and limits itself to a safe temperature by reducing LED current when necessary. The magnetically controlled switch has 5 clearly-defined positions that are separated to avoid accidentally switching the unit off. The switch has no moving parts inside the lamp body, and is fail-safe. If the switch is destroyed or the magnet lost, the unit defaults to the LOW setting, which is still bright enough for you to find your way.


"Another light that is on the verge of going to market which runs two 3 watt LED's is the StenLight. I have given it a test run and it is definitely the future. It is VERY small, and very easy on the batteries. Milled aluminum housing will take all the abuse you can throw at it. In my opinion this light is in its own class. It is far superior to any other LED on the market."
- Gordon Brace

"This past weekend, I was one of the "swivel" testers. That is the final element of making it a perfect light. No more tilting your head to look at your feet when you are walking."
- Lewis Carroll

"After using the StenLight for three weeks during the J2/Cheve expedition in Oaxaca, Mexico, I can testify that this tough little light is well suited for expeditionary work in remote and difficult cave environments. It is impervious to mud and water, and easy to use with gloved hands, both to direct the beam where needed, and to change its brightness level. The StenLight's far-reaching beam is perfect for searching for high leads in domes. Its tiny size keeps it from getting caught in tight crawlways. Its ultra-light lithium battery pack lasts forever: I barely started on a second battery during a recent four-day cave camp in Hellhole, WV. All in all, a very well designed, rugged, versatile light, with the serious caver in mind!"
- Yvonne Droms
USDCT (United States Deep Caving Team)
GVKS (Germany Valley Karst Survey)


The StenLight Extreme Duty Headlamp

Brightness Settings Summary


Power Consumption

Run Time1

Light Output, min. lumens2


200 microwatts3

20 months4



100 milliwatts

> 3 days



600 milliwatts

> 24 hours



2 watts

7 to 8 hours


(thermal limiting)

4 watts5

3 to 5 Hours


(no limiting)

7 watts5

2 Hours


Technical Specifications


125 grams (4.4 ounces)

Dimensions (main body)

2.2"W x 1.4"H x 1.2"D (55 x 35 x 30 mm)

Dimensions (maximum)

2.7"W x 1.8"H x 1.7"D (68 x 45 x 41 mm)
including bracket, switch handle travel, and connector

Input voltage

7.2 - 18V (operating, Turbo mode)
5.3 - 18V (operating, Low mode, 25C)
-0.3 – 18V (non-operating/off)


-40 - 140 F (-40 – 60C) (operating)
-85 - 194 F (-65 – 90C) (non-operating)

Brightness Settings Summary Technical Notes:


  1. based on the StenLight (LG723) 2.3 AH 7.4V lithium ion battery, fully charged
  2. calculated based on LED output and optical efficiency of lenses and front window
  3. OFF mode consumes 25 microamps (typical) regardless of input voltage.
  4. Consumption by StenLight only – does not include battery self-discharge
  5. TURBO mode is typically limited to 4-5W for long-term use due to thermal limiting.


As with any portable lamp, keep alternate light sources with you at all times. The unit will become hot if used in TURBO mode for more than a few minutes. The temperature is regulated to prevent damage to LEDs and to prevent burns, but the lamp may be uncomfortable to hold, especially after an hour or more of TURBO operation. Use only with approved batteries and cables. Connection to third-party batteries and cables is at the owner's risk – be aware that some third party products use the same connectors with reversed polarity, which could destroy the StenLight unit and/or the third party battery and could cause dangerous overheating of the cable, lamp, and battery.



Purchase the StenLight and Accessories

StenLight Accessory and
Spare Parts Kit

Power the StenLight headlamp from a 9v battery or from six AA cells. It also includes an extension cable to allow you to place the battery pack at a greater distance from the headlamp. A spare parts kit includes 6 front screws, a new front window, a Hex Key, a gasket, two detent ball bearings, two detent O-rings, and two rear screws. Two male-female pair battery connectors with heat shrink insulation included. Accessories photo. Spare parts photo. Connectors photo.

StenLight Accessory Kit: $35.00
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StenLight Battery
LG723 battery as supplied with the STEN-S7 headlamp set (2300 mAh). Photo.

StenLight 2300 mAh Battery: $50
Out of stock- we do not know when this item will be resuppplied by the manufacturer

StenLight Heavy Duty Battery
At 5.0 AH, 7.2 volt, the LG750 has double the capacity of our LG723 lithium ion battery. This battery is still small and light enough to be mounted to a helmet although many cavers prefer to carry it in a pocket. Not intended to be used with the head strap. Photo.

StenLight Heavy Duty Battery: $80

Out of stock- we do not know when this item will be resuppplied by the manufacturer

StenLight Fast Charger
Stenlight 7.2 volt battery charger. Photo.

StenLight Fast Charger: $30

Out of stock- we do not know when this item will be resuppplied by the manufacturer

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