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Compatible with industrial surveillance day/night cameras such as Axis Communications P1346 or Sony HDV camcorders with the NightShot feature. Contact BCM for a price quote on a complete system customized for your application and make an appointment for training.


Rear view of lamp showing common power port.


Battery pouch contains battery, (2) IRLlamp6, Light Bar, Plug Expander, and power cords. Everything for the field except your IR-sensitive video camera.


Front view of IRLamp6. The diameter is only 3''


IRdemo3TLamp Example 3
Camera: Sony HDR-HC1
©2006 John Chenger.

File size: 4.3 M

Image size: 1280x740
Shot first with camera's built in illuminator, then dual IRLamp6 illuminators are plugged in.

IRdemo2TLamp Example 2

Camera: Sony HDR-HC1
©2006 John Chenger.

File size: 4.2 M;

Image size: 1280x740

Shot first with camera's built in illuminator, then dual IRLamp6 illuminators are plugged in.

Need Help?

BCM can provide a quote for a complete Sony NightShot or Axis Network camera system and provide system orientation.

IRdemo1TLamp Example 1
Camera: Sony HDR-HC1

©2006 John Chenger.

File size: 3 M;

Image size: 1280x740

Shot first with camera's built in illuminator, then dual IRLamp6 illuminators are plugged in.

atticTIn the Church Attic
Camera: Sony PC-110 in NightShot mode + dual IRLamp6

©2004 John Chenger.

File size: 3.2M; Image size: 720x480

Shot in total darkness

baffleTAttic Baffles
Camera: Sony PC-110 in NightShot mode + dual IRLamp6

©2004 John Chenger.

File size: 4.3 M; Image size: 720x480

Shot in total darkness

dawnTChurch Swarm
Camera: Sony PC-110 in NightShot mode + dual IRLamp6

©2004 John Chenger.

File size: 3.2M; Image size: 720x480

Shot just before dawn

mineTMine Swarm
Camera: Sony PC-110 in NightShot mode + dual IRLamp6

©2004 John Chenger.

File size: 4.2M; Image size: 720x480

Shot in total darkness


Complete Dual IRLamp6 System

Order lamps and accessories individually:

(2) IRLamp6 (each lamp includes power cable)

(1) Light Bar accessory (allows camera and 2 lamps to be attached together)

(1) 12 volt Battery, 5 Ah

(1) Battery Charger

(1) 12 volt plug expander,
allows 2 lamps to be plugged into 1 battery

Camera and tripod quick release shown for illustration only. Camera not for sale. Your camera MUST have the Sony NightShot or Super NightShot feature to take advantage of this lighting system.

More info?

Download the infrared lamp PDF manual...

Design elements of IRLamp6 arrays:

Why we're impressed:
Bat Conservation and Management, Inc. has been using IRLamp6 illuminators for several years now. Coupled with appropriate Sony NighShot-enabled cameras, this system actually provides sharper images than when recorded thorough our $5,000 ITT G3 night vision scope. We are proud to offer these devices along side our other high end, hand selected bat survey equipment. There is no brighter IR illuminator in the world specifically designed for the NightShot system, period.

Why two lamps?
Adding a second lamp does not increase the size and weight of your pack, but it doubles the amount of light available to the camera. It is like gaining an extra f-stop on a still camera. However, to realize another increase in light, you would need to double again: four IR lamps. That is getting a bit unwieldily in the field. Also be aware that newer "widescreen" aspect HD cameras are shooting such a wide 16:9 aspect ratio landscape image, you will need two IR lamps to feather across the field of view and fully fill the frame. If you are shooting standard 4:3 aspect video, one IR lamp will fill the frame. Forcing a modern camera into 4:3 aspect ratio means you will be giving up the advantage of the wide angle lens on the camera and may have to be further away from your subject, possibly making it more difficult to light.

Camera recommendations?
Camera models are refreshed as quickly as every 6 months and BCM makes no attempt to maintain a list of current state-of-the-art models with the NightShot feature.

NIGHTSHOT FUNCTION: first and foremost this feature must be included or you simply cannot film in IR light. Check the Sony specs for NightShot mode, and even the manufacturer's photos of the camera to verify there is NightShot button on the exterior (usually under the fold out LCD display. Only the high-end consumer grade Sony cameras have this feature.

SENSOR SIZE: Bigger captures more light and therefore is better. For reference, in 2016 the Sony FDR-AX53 contained a 1 and 2/5'' sensor, the largest available at the time with the NightShot function. Sensor size is always found in the tech specs of the camera.

HARD DRIVE/SD CARD: Old NightShot-capable cameras may record to DVD or Mini-DV formats, these are cumbersome to use with modern digital video workflows for archiving and editing purposes and probably should be avoided if you are editing video on a regular basis.

CAMERA SETTINGS: Generally speaking, use at least 1080 movie size, or larger. The data rate should always be set to the highest possible "recording quality". "Low Lux" feature, if equipt, should be on (newer cameras are so sensitive you may experiment with this off if the subject is close). Anytime a tripod is used, "Steadyshot" should be off. "Focus peaking" is a visual representation of what parts of the image are in focus, so we recommend that be on if equipt. Once your image is in focus, press the "manual focus" button to lock it in place and keep the camera from inadvertantly attempting to focus on passing insects, etc.

LIGHTING TIP: If you use "off camera lighting" techniques by placing lamps 3' or more away from the camera, the textures/shadows this generates will give your video a more 3-dimensional look rather than a flatly lit scene. This also reduces or eliminates "floating ghost orbs" caused by the light hitting out-of-focus dust particles near the lens or bright flashes of movement cause by a moth buzzing by. (Insects are not attracted to IRLamps!)

Sony IR illuminators don't cut it.
If you purchased a Sony NightShot camcorder and tried it out, you discovered that the built-in infrared (IR) light doesnÕt give much of an image except at very short range. So maybe you looked at SonyÕs accessory catalog, and ordered their "high brightness infrared light" that is advertised for viewing at up to 100 feet. Again you tried this out, and were disappointed. You certainly couldnÕt see your subject at 100 feet, unless it was very large. Is this technology just not up to expectations? The answer is that you still do not have sufficient illumination to utilize the full capabilities of the NightShot feature, even with the supplementary light from Sony. In short, the camera is just fine, you simply need more light.

So how do you know when your IR light is bright enough?
This is easy to answer if you know exactly what your subject is and exactly where it is. You have sufficient light if the entire subject is visible and details are clearly seen. It is harder to answer if you're not sure what or how many things you're looking at. One of the problems with inadequate lighting is you don't realize how much you are missing until you compare the scene using better lighting (as we illustrate below).

When your job is to count bats exiting from a roost, you need to be able to see the entire area, and you need enough light to clearly see and distinguish each and every individual bat. For larger entrances or other applications, the Sony light is insufficient. You will fail to see all the bats that are there, and your count will be inaccurate. The only way to ensure sufficient lighting is to keep adding brighter light until you no longer see an improvement in image quality.


IRLamp6 - Light for consumer DV cameras
IRLamp6 is an incredibly bright IR source for field use. It offers 40 high performance IR LEDs in a specially designed heat sink case. At less than three inches in diameter, the lamp takes up very little room in a backpack. This lamp is exclusively sold by Bat Conservation and Management, Inc.

A dramatic improvement on our IRLamp3 Array, we have used a totally machined case to improve both the ruggedness and manufacturability of these lights. This case also offers better heat sinking capability, making it brighter than our original IRLamp3 design. Otherwise the design is much the same as our original IRLamp3.


The following three still images illustrate the differences between light sources. The scene is an abandoned mine portal, approximately 5 by 10 ft. The distance from the camera to the portal is about 20 feet.


Illuminated only with the built-in LED illuminator of the Sony Camcorder. This light is generally not usable beyond a few feet.


Illuminated with the accessory Sony infrared lamp (model HVL-IRC). You can just make out a few bats flying in the portal.


Illuminated with the IRLamp6. You can now see that there were actually quite a few more bats than were revealed in the images above.

Still frame of video looking into an occupied bat house in total darkness


Dual IR lights, slightly feathered to fill the frame of a Sony SR12 camera. The IR LEDs show well in photographs such as this; however they are barely seen as a faint red glow to the human eye and are generally not noticeable in the field. Not for applications where 100% stealth is required.


See what you've been missing with the Sony NightShot Infrared Lights

elitesilver001praddtocart2 IRLamp6: $299.00 USD

Each IRLamp6 ordered includes one 12v power cable terminating in a male cigarette lighter-type plug.



Additional IR system gear:
In stock for immediate shipping.


elitesilver001praddtocart2a 5Ah sealed lead acid battery:


Includes custom carry pouch with 12v quick connect prewired and can also hold 2- IR6Lamps and cables.


elitesilver001praddtocart2b Plug Expander: $14.00

Allows 2 IRLamp6 lights to be plugged into 1 battery.


elitesilver001praddtocart2c 12v Battery Charger: $49.00

Charges 1 - 12v battery at a time, prevents overcharging.


elitesilver001praddtocart2e Light Bar Kit: $29.00

Light bar kits allow 2 lamps + any camera to be attached to a tripod quick release. Includes 3 knobs. Must be used if you intend to attach 2 lamps to a camera.


elitesilver001praddtocart2d Universal AC Adapter: $19.00

Runs an IRlamp6 off a standard wall socket. Selectable output: 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V and 12 VDC adapters at 1000mA. Unit has four different output connectors: 2.1mm and 2.5mm coaxial connectors, 2.5mm and 3.5mm mini-plugs. Polarity reversible. Input: 110 VAC, 60Hz.


elitesilver001praddtocart2f IR Kit: $679.00

Includes (2) IRLamp6 illuminators, (1) 5Ah Battery and Pouch, (1) Charger, (1) Plug Expander, and (1) Light Bar Kit.

Below are several examples of NightShot video using dual IRLamp6 illuminators running off 1 battery pack. The lamps and illuminators are held in place using the 2 Lamp Bar. Please note that footage captured by your camera and played on your HDTV will be sharper and brighter than any of these examples due to compression and computer monitor settings. (If the video does not play, upgrade your free Quicktime software.)


Purchase IR lamps and Accessories

Complete Dual IRLamp6 System
(Note each item sold separately)

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