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The G7 Cave Catcher Harp Trap including accessories in 2014.



Basic harp trap design has not changed since we began making them in 2002. The G7 advantage is durability and ease of use



G7 Line bars rolled and packed for storage.
This can easily be a 1 person job.



Download the G7 Trap Manual including
general trapping tips, tricks, and suggestions


Due to the potential misuse of this device we may respectfully ask for your state wildlife collecting permit number. This device is not intended for pest control and may be against state and federal laws if used in that application.

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This video demonstrates how to string a harp trap. Note that the lines wrap around the bar, not the screw. This will retain 100% of the line strength.

6' wide "Forest Strainer" harp trap is set over a shallow stream near Portal, AZ during a Bat Survey Solutions workshop in 2014.

A short view of trapping a large mine entrance using early harp traps. Because of the way the bats swarm the entrance gate, the trap set perpendicular to the dripline was most effective.

Before "White Nose Syndrome" all but wiped out this site, this was the largest known concentration of hibernating bats in Pennsylvania when this video was made in the mid-2000's.

This is an old clip showing one of the first versions of BCM's 3' wide harp trap being set up at a mine entrance.

This small diameter 30' pit was trapped using two Bat Conservation and Management, Inc. harp traps set low to the ground. The "open" side of the pit with no traps was cluttered up with a nearby handy tree branch


Demonstrating the Forest Strainer harp trap in front of the Canoe Creek Mine during the BCI Pennsylvania bat workshop.


Setting up a 6' wide Forest Strainer harp trap during the BCI bat workshop in California 2008.

Harp traps are not limited to cave and mine entrances. Well placed in a summer setting and you will capture species that may avoid mist nets.



Harp Trap Videos

Ultra Portable Forest Strainers.
Harp traps are primarily used as a low-maintenance solution for sampling caves, abandoned mines, roosts, and supplementing mist net surveys.

Harp Trap Anatomy
Composed of aluminum and stainless steel hardware, no parts should ever need replacement. Individual locks hold the user's choice of line, and unlike other designs require absolutely no knots. In fact, the entire trap can be strung without cutting the lines apart for the fastest string job available. Each line can be independently tensioned at any time.

These traps are deployed from and completely collapse into a custom super duty field bag in minutes. It is truly a one person setup, without any need for the trap to be tilted just to reach the top. When fully assembled, the top of the Forest Strainer model can reach 12-feet above ground. A telescoping Leg Kit attaches on the bottom of the columns in seconds and can be adjusted in almost every direction for any type of terrain. The Leg Kit is suggested for hibernacula trapping where the ground may be rocky and the trap cannot be hung, or if you plan to trap in rocky stream beds. You can hang or move this trap after setup without the legs or other parts disengaging. The Leg Kit is automatically included with every Forest Strainer, but many biologists do not need legs on the smaller Cave Catcher when hung in front of hibernacula, therefore we offer it separately so folks buy only what is needed for the job. The Leg Kit can be swapped between any 6' or 3' G7 harp trap.
Stop Wrestling with your Trap
The G7 Harp Trap incorporates mechanically "levered" columns. Simply expand the trap semi-taut, then lever the trap into final tension with a simple push. No other trap in the world offers mechanical advantage tensioning. The G7 lever system is virtually unbreakable and eliminates the struggle to tension the trap.

The Bag Difference is Clear
Our bag is made from heavy-duty vinyl and is easily cleaned/decontaminated. Just set it up, spray with an appropriate decon solution, and rinse. Bats cannot easily climb up the smooth bag and a center plastic baffle inhibits them from simply flying out of the bag. An optional removable Baffle Bar Roost insert allows bats to roost quietly while waiting for removal instead of flailing about. The Baffle Bar also restricts bat flight and keeps them easy to reach, instead of being tucked under layers of urine-soaked fabric or wedged into corners. Drain holes at the bottom of the bag prevent moisture from accumulating in the bag.

Included with each trap is a custom storage bag, low-vis green 8 lb. line, and instruction manual. Accessories sold separately are the Baffle Bar Roost and extra Catch Bags. Designed and built in the U.S.A.

G7 Improvements From Previous Generation

  • 6' (1.8 m) wide x up to 8' (2.4 m) tall capture area (the end user strings the harp to their preferred size). Weight: 47 lbs. with optional Roost Baffle Bar.
  • Completely redesigned unbreakable tension system.
  • Larger diameter side columns with telescoping legs, each independently movable.
  • Lower line bars and catch bag can each be placed anywhere on the columns and are independent from each other enabling the user to level the trap under any conditions.
  • With the max 8' high capture area rigged, the top of the trap is 10.5' above the ground. When all legs are raised to maximum extension, the top of the trap frame can be 12.5' above the ground, higher than a single high mist net set.
  • A 6' x 8' harp trap is serious gear: fully expanded it will contain approximately 1,000 of line.
  • 3' (0.9 m) wide trap head available for narrow applications. 6 trap head piece is interchangeable with 3 allowing for maximum flexibility.

G7 Improvements From Previous Generation (2014-Present)

  • Simplified leg assembly. Just as strong and adaptable to terrain, but faster setup and lighter weight.
  • New head assembly is stronger and cleaner looking.
  • Catch bag has been updated to reduce puckers and now incorporates built in anti-escape flaps.


Order a G7 Harp Trap

G7 Cave Catcher
36'' w x 35'' (min) -60'' h (max).
Maximum catch area: 15 square feet. Weight: 22 lbs. Includes catch bag, head protector sleeve, and trap carry bag. Can be hung in place or use the G7 Leg Kit (interchangable with G7 Forest Strainer legs).
G7 Cave Catcher Harp Trap Price: $1490.00
In stock

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G7 Forest Strainer
72'' w x 80'' (min)-145'' h (max). Maximum catch area: 48 square feet. Weight: 45 lbs. Includes Leg Kit, catch bag, head protector sleeve, manual, custom trap carry bag.

G7 Forest Strainer Harp Trap Price: $1795.00 In stock

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Harp Trap Accessories

G7 Leg Kit
23'' (min) -64'' (max). Weight: 12 lbs. Compatible with G7 traps only. Call to order a G6 leg kit. Legs are included with each Forest Strainer, so only order if you need legs for a Cave Catcher or just want a spare.
G7 Leg Kit Price: $345.00 In stock
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Baffle Bar Roost
Specify length 3' or 6'. Weight: 3 lbs. Compatible with all previous traps. We suggest one roost per trap, placed on the lower line bar closest to the biologist. Bats usually find the roost and rest, instead of constantly trying to escape.
Baffle Bar Roost Price: $69.00 In stock
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Catch Bag
Specify width 3' or 6'. Weight: 3 lbs. Replacement or spare Catch Bag for all generations of BCM harp traps. Handy to swap and wash bags out frequently to reduce risk of cross-contaminating bats.
Catch Bag Price: $69.00 In stock
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The G7 Harp Trap:

The Industrial Bat Harp Trap

We offer Study Technique Workshops which demonstrate proper use of this gear.

Bat Conservation and Management, Inc. Carlisle, Pennsylvania (717) 241-ABAT

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G7 Cave Catcher Harp Trap shown adding the Baffle Bar Roost accessory. This simple addition gives captured bats a protected place to roost and rest instead of trying to escape. The Baffle Bar hooks to one of the line bars and hangs in the catch bag.