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Please see our most recent bat condo under construction built near Springfield, Vermont.

The Canoe Creek State Park (Pennsylvania) Condo during dawn return in mid summer 1999.


The Fort Laramie Condo under construction. This stage was achieved the day after the foundation was set, a testament to tight control over the prefabricated pieces.

Inside the Fort Laramie Condo on the morning of day three. This shows all of the upper roost baffle clusters in place. On the far left side, two lower roost baffle clusters are also in place. Six more remain to be inserted. In the center of the frame, also along the far left, one set of peak baffles extend four feet into the center of the roof. Approximately eighty-five 4'x8' sheets of hand roughened 3/8'' plywood are used in the interior baffles. This is a serious roost!


Inside the Fort Laramie Condo in the late afternoon of day two. (Day one was only foundation work.) Wall baffles are cut to fit and installed three deep among the framing studs. This Condo has more wall crevices than any previous.


This was the original Bat Condo designed by Cal Butchkoski and built at Canoe Creek State Park in central Pennsylvania. It was built to be an alternate roost for 15,000 little brown bats in a nearby church. The design of the Condo replicates the temperature gradient and humidity characteristics of the existing church attic. The Condo slightly exceeds the temperature gradient existing in the church, thereby providing better habitat over the church. This Condo is three years old and houses over 1,200 little browns and at least one Indiana bat. Now incorporated into the park system, the church is also being managed for bats.


Plenty of sunlight, an ideal location along the North Platte River, and a significant existing bat population set the stage for this new Condo in southeast Wyoming.


Bat Condo

BCM can provide advisory and/or construction assistance to communities, organizations, and private individuals that are interested in the installation of a large 8'x8'x8' Bat Condo.

This condo can house an estimated 7,000 mother bats and their young. This house is designed to shelter bats that are slowly but surely being excluded from remodeled, old houses in the community. Use of this type of structure has the potential to reduce the problem created when displaced bats seek refuge in other nearby human-occupied houses.

Construction of a Condo occurs in three phases. First the site is carefully selected and the proposed building properly orientated. Meanwhile, much of the Condo's internal structure and select portions of the exterior is fabricated at our wood shop. This includes but is not limited to baffle cluster assembly and roughening, wall baffles, siding vents, trusses, roof extensions, and some framing. The parts are then shipped to the site for assembly and finishing which will take about four or five days, including foundation. Light equipment access to the site (flatbed truck and/or tractor-loader) may be necessary. We can assist your agencies skilled carpenters in assembling the structure, or we can bring in our own team directly on site. In any case BCM can act as an on site consultant with experience and expertise which can turn a week long project into three days. We may also incorporate recent design and assembly tweaks not found in original blueprints.

BCM associates have experience with the four successful condos operating today in Pennsylvania, and an additional Condo at the Fort Laramie National Historic Site in southeastern Wyoming. Three other successful structures based on this design exist in California, Ohio, and Canada. Contact us with your idea and allow us to help achieve your large-scale bat management goals.

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