BatHouseBunkerPlusBLK2Rotomolded plastic bat house
The Bat Bunker is a unique mixture of technology and simplicity, plastic and wood.  The main component of this revolutionary bat house is its large 36″ x 24″ x 8″  rotationally molded outer shell. The outer shell is a seamless one-piece design that is virtually indestructible and will provide a safe, watertight, and draft-free environment that will last for many years with no maintenance required.

Set it and forget it
Designed for applications where routine maintenance may be unwanted, infrequent, dangerous, or difficult. These bat houses are built from the ground up to never rust, separate, or delaminate, and never need to be painted. The super-duty exterior encases a core of traditional bat-friendly roughened plywood. This model bat house is very similar to those successful designs developed by the PA Game Commission. The Bat Bunker is a Certified Bat House through Bat Conservation International’s Bat House Research Project. Because of the use of recycled material throughout the manufacturing process, Bat Bunkers are great for the environment and provide habitable structures for bats to colonize.

It's in the house
The interior baffles are still made from traditional yellow pine plywood. This helps to add mass, thereby retaining heat at night. Bat Bunkers never need cleaning as the droppings simply fall to the ground. Baffles are estimated to last easily over 20 years, based on similar material used in other bat houses.

Each baffle is individually hand scratched for some of the best bat footholds around. The baffle cluster features pass-thru at the top, allowing bats to easily move between crevices. As with all our bat houses, the baffles do not sit tight against the roof, allowing an "attic space" to form that young pups just love. Baffles form standard 3/4" crevices, suitable for little brown, big brown, Indiana, Northern myotis, Mexican free tailed, and many other bat species across North America. A single Bat Bunker Plus can house approximately 300 Myotis type bats. A single Bat Bunker Plus will accommodate even more Mexican free tail bats. For those in South Florida, please call to order a "sand" colored 4-Chamber Premium Bat House with 1'' baffle spacing specifically for the federally endangered Florida Bonneted Bat. For those in warm climates needing a bat house of this capacity we recommend spray painting the exterior with appropriate light colored paint formulated for plastic that is easily available locally.

Only from BCM
The Bat Bunker Plus is customized and ships completely assembled and painted from our shop in Pennsylvania. BCM bat house experts have upgraded the baffle cluster to provide 6 roosting chambers (to fit 300 bats). This is a significant improvement on the standard 4-chamber (200 bat capacity) design. We have also incorporated the landing plate into the bottom of the molded shell, cleaning up the design and making it less expensive to ship.

Mounting the Bat Bunker Plus
Molded tabs allow for 6-point fastening to pole mount brackets or buildings. Simply attach the mounting bracket to a post or a structure, then hang the Bat Bunker Plus on the mount and fasten together with included lag bolts. The BCM Bat Bunker Plus Pole Mount Bracket is specially designed with a lip to rest the weight of the bat house on during installation. It also thoughtfully adds several inches under the bat house, effectively increasing the size of the landing plate. Two Bat Bunkers can be installed at the top of a single 4’’x6’’ post for high capacity in a small area (use a 16' long post, ~3' in the ground). Use an 18-foot long 6''x6'' post and mount four Bat Bunkers for a potential capacity approaching 1,200 bats.



Bat Bunker Plus General Specifications
Fully assembled
Six 3/4'' roost chambers
Built-in landing plate
24'' wide, 36'' high, 8'' deep. Weight: 50 lbs
Safe housing capacity: ~288 bats

Includes: 16 page manual. Multiple orders will ship with 2 manuals maximum unless otherwise requested (additional manuals are a free download).

Requires: Bat Bunker Pole Mount if mounting to a wooden post. Kit includes 3-piece mount and hardware. Add this item at checkout or more info here.


6 appropriate fasteners to mount to a wood, brick, or stone structure. 1/4'' diameter galvanized fasteners and washers are suggested (user suppplied).


Bat Bunker Plus: $229.00

(for cool climates or high elevation),
or SAND (for warm climates- parts of AZ, TX, & FL)


See our color chart for suggestions

on the appropriate color for your area


A Pole Mount Kit
is recommended for the Bat Bunker.



Please note this is a large & heavy bat house. For bats, bigger is better. Be sure you have appropriate location and means to install it properly. Total shipping weight with pole mount is ~64 lbs.

Ships in the USA based on weight.
Shipping charge will be calculated on checkout. Sales tax will be added to PA and FL orders

To install a Bat Bunker Plus bat house:

1) Select mounting location and install the 3-piece custom bracket to the post (the lag bolts for mounting are included, site location and installation instructions are included in the enclosed manual).

2) Hang the Bat Bunker Plus on the bracket and secure with the 6 included lag bolts.

3) Carefully lift vertically and drop the post into the hole (this is a 3 person job), and fill with two 80 lb. bags of bagged concrete mix.

4) Say "Just add bats!"

Have questions about placing your bat house? Questions about evicting bats yourself? Or want BCM's help Please see our FAQ's sheet or discussion board for a wide range of real life questions and answers.

Please use our secure shopping cart to order online, or you may choose to dial (717) 241-2228 to fax an order or to inquire in person. Please note our bat houses are handmade with extreme attention to detail; allow time for delivery. Our company only deals with bats and our time is distributed to surveys throughout the year. See our availability chart for latest bat house updates...


Download our informative bat house manual and compare with competitor's offerings. Beware of vendors hawking cheap bat houses with nonexistent documentation;
they might not know what they are selling.

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Bat Bunker Plus
Bigger is better:
This is the largest capacity plastic shelled bat house available!
Material: plastic shell over wood baffle core


Only from BCM:

Our customized
Bat Bunker Plus features


Our premium Four Chamber plastic over wood core bat house provides a capacity, style, and durability upgrade.