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Shipping Note: if your UPS tracking # only shows that billing info has been received, this means we are packing your order and it is not yet been picked up physically by UPS. Due to field season this may occur for a day or two while we catch up on order backlogs and does not mean there is a problem with your order.

Due to a sudden increases in fieldwork, sometimes our bat house building and shipping takes a hit. Our field projects are simply that manpower intensive and time sensitive. Because bats are so very particular, we do not farm out or rush production of these devices, but rather keep tight control on how they are built. Order now to reserve your bat house. We will only charge your credit card when your order is assembled. All bat houses are shipped in a plain brown box. Gift wrapping is not available.

Please note:

Expect bat house shipping times to lag between May 1-August 20 as our fieldwork engages. While we anticipate this busy time with a stockpile of bat houses built in January-March, rush orders may not be available.

BCM is a consulting company specializing in bats nationwide. Bat "season" for us is the summer...so be aware we may not be able to ship your order immediately. We apologize for undue delay.

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Ships in days;
less than 1 week



(Tools not included with kits)


Ships in days;
less than 1 week


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