Follow Jacob as he attaches a bat house to a post using the BCM Pole Mount
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Bat Bunker Plus


Weatherproof exterior over our largest residential bat roost.



Standard 18'' Pole Mount: $19.00


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Bat House Pole Mounts

The weight of the wooden bat house requires that a mount be used to properly support the box on a narrow pole. This pressure treated mount includes all necessary hardware. Instructions are located in our bat house manual, but the short version is:

1. Set the mount on the post, pre-drill holes into the post.
2. Use the supplied lag screws to connect the mount to the post.
3. Depending on the model you have, use 6 lag screws (Bat Bunker Plus) or 8 screws (3 or 4 Chamber Bat House) to fasten the bat house to the mount.

Countersunk holes have been pre-drilled. A 4''x4''' or 4''x6'' pressure treated post is recommended and must be purchased locally. Use a 14' or 16' long post. A pole mount is not necessary if planning to attach the box to a wide, flat structure, though using spacers between the box and structure is still a good idea.

A Standard Pole Mount is for 3 and 4 Chamber bat houses.

A Bat Bunker Plus Pole Mount is for the Bat Bunker Plus.

This pole mount may not work with bat houses not manufactured by BCM. Not for use on metal poles without some end user modifications. Please see the bat house manual for mounting tips. The current pole mount may slightly differ from photos. Ships in the USA based on weight. Shipping charge will be calculated on checkout. Sales tax is added to PA and FL orders.


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