Mini Case Study: Saguaro National Park Transect • Arizona


Four recording solutions used simultaneously on an 8-mile continuous transect then displaying only manually verified bat call recordings demonstrates the varability among systems. While all four systems returned essentially the same species set at the end of the night, the SonoBatLIVE/AR125FG combination recorded the largest number of bat recordings files with no extra noise files, making for the most data with least amount of post-processing manual work.


Below is an animation visualizing the bats as they were recorded on the landscape by the four systems. Note how some systems performed similar to each other while some did not represnt bat activity on long expanses of the transect where other systems did in fact make recordings. Ultimatley the total species present is quite similar in this example, even though the actual recordings differ spatially. Myotisoft Transect was used to visualize this transect data.


90 Total bat passes, 85 raw recordings with Binary Acoustic Technology AR125FG microphone