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The D-1000X is the first bat detector with a built-in digital “tape recorder,” relieving the user from the hassle of operating a separate recorder or laptop with connecting cables.


Pettersson D1000x
The Pettersson D-1000X is the professional ultrasound detector based on the latest technology. This detector features Heterodyne (HET), Frequency Division (FD), Time-expansion (TE), and also a built-in 16-bit recording system using a Compact Flash (CF) card as the storage medium. It is equipped with the Pettersson, high-quality capacitance microphone which has been further improved to give lower noise, wider dynamic range and lower distortion. This is a speciality custom microphone with each one assembled in part by Lars Pettersson himself. The recordings are second to none and is possibly the finest microphone for recording bats available in the world.

The D-1000X was the first bat detector with a built-in digital “tape recorder,” relieving the user from the hassle of operating a separate recorder or laptop with connecting cables. The D100x can directly record pre-determined file lengths, but also can make a single recording as long as the CF card is large. Unlike the D240x which you are limited to a 3.4 second recording of that voucher call, the D1000x can record superb audio for as long as you can still see the bat. No more "missing" the best part of a light tagged or spotlighted bat.

The detector can be configured to work in a variety of operating modes, but thanks to the use of “Profiles,” switching between different modes is made instantly. Each profile contains all the selectable settings such as sampling rate, triggering mode, time expansion factor and LED intensity and can be prepared in advance and saved in the detector, ready for your next session.

At any time either the direct ultrasonic signal, the heterodyne signal or the frequency division signal can be recorded onto the CF-card. Spoken comments can be recorded by speaking into the microphone while recording in the direct mode, or in a special comment recording mode. The recording time is limited only by the available space on the CF-card.

Upon completing a recording, the signal will be automatically replayed in time expanded form, if this function is enabled. Time expansion factors from 1 (original speed) to 30 can be chosen.

Recordings can be made by manually starting and stopping the recording or through automatic, unattended level-activated or frequency-selective triggering. Pre- and post-triggering preferences with a variety of different settings can be used, allowing the file to contain up to 50 seconds of recording before and/or after the triggering event. The recording behavior can be highly customized for any situation.

The *.wav sound files on the CF-card are stamped with date and time and can be read directly on a PC. The D-1000X also has a serial (RS232) GPS input, making it possible to save location data in the files.

Pettersson D1000x Features:


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The Pettersson D1000x is the World's only HET/FD/TE detector/recorder all-in-one, with the World's best bat acoustic microphone.


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