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General Acoustic Survey Accessories

ammobox1Acoustic Survey Mast - 20'
For short term passive monitoring. Bring consistancy to your microphone deployments with this telescoping aluminum pole, and microsite your station exactly where you want it for best performanace. Each section locks in place with a simple twist up to 20' high, but collapses close to the ground so you can clear out the cobwebs without de-rigging guy ropes at temporary or short-term monitoring stations. Easily can hold multiple microphones from Pettersson, Binary Acoustics, and Wildlife Acoustics (the microphone, not the detector!). Only 48'' long and 1.3'' in diameter collapsed make these easy to transport between sites and store. Slip over 3/8'' rebar as a base, then guy rope to suit.

47.5''x1.3'' collapsed; 240'' extended
Weight: 2 lbs.

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ammobox2Walkabout Mast - 6.5'
For active monitoring, handheld, or vehicle use (mobile transects). Get better recordings by getting your microphone further away from echo-producing ground clutter and into the airspace where bats are actually flying. Perfect for active monitoring where the mic could be pointed at bats of interest, or secure in the Walkabout Pack (sold seperately) for hands-free hiking. Each section locks in place with a simple twist up to 6.5' high, but collapses to 24''. Ideal for the M500, MiniMic, or Echometer Touch on extension cables. Also handy for rigging microphones on vehicles for mobile transects!

24''x1.3'' collapsed; 78'' extended
Weight: 1.5 lbs.

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ammobox3Storage/Travel/Short Term Deployment Case
Intended to hold everything needed for a short term passive survey, such as the detector, mic, 25' cable, mounting supplies, and other extras. We have cut a small groove in the lid for you so the mic cable can exit. Plastic, weather resistant, lightweight construction and stackable. Can hold a D500x or SM4, a 20Ah external battery for longer deployments between servicing, and the 25' mic cable.

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BatTend6v46v Battery Tender Charger
Smart charger will not overcharge 6v batteries. Includes a fused ring "S" connector as well as other accessory leads to connect to other various batteries.

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ampbattery320Ah External Battery
Newest firmware is doing more noise scrubbing, requiring more battery capacity. This 6 or 12 volt, 20Ah sealed lead acid battery, non spillable, still fits in the Grab 'n Go kits. Requires a fused ring "S" cable connector to be compatible with
Battery Tender Jr. chargers and the D500x external power adapter. This battery has been known to run D500x for over a month.

Not available from BCM: Obtain from your local battery supply store or online

BatTend6v312v Battery Tender Charger
Smart charger will not overcharge 12v batteries. Includes a fused ring "S" connector as well as other accessory leads to connect to other various batteries.

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handyrope1T1Handy Rope

Essential for use as guy ropes for 1H, 2H net poles and Acoustic Survey Masts. Neon colors for visibility and color coding rope lengths or mist nets. Not too thin that tying off is a pain, but not too thick as to waste space. 5/32'' diameter, 50 lb. load rating, sold in packages of 75'.


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BTRingTerminal2Fused Ring terminal Quick Connect and Hardware
Quick connector to attach to the 20Ah battery with ring terminals. This enables you to quickly charge the battery with a 6v or 12v Battery Tender and also connect to the D500x External Power Cable. We include machine screws, washers, and lock washer hardware for the connection.

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handyrope1T2Rubber Bands

Microphone attachment option. Essential for attaching microphones to poles or about anything else for a short term deployment. The perfect size and weight we use religiously at bat workshops and net sites. Every kit needs a handful. Size 64, ~350 bands 3-1/2''x1/4''x1/32, 1 lb. bag. UV light will break these down after ~week, so for long term deployments use the Gear Ties.

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handyrope1T3Gear Ties

Microphone attachment option. Our 18" reuseable bendable ties can be used to hold microphones to objects with a simple twist. A strong internal wire and soft rubber exterior makes for a durable, UV resistant, reusable, waterproof Gear Tie that holds shape and provides excellent grip, but won't scratch surfaces. It will even hold up to salt water! Package of 6 black ties, each is 18'' long and 0.4 diameter.

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handyrope1T7Reflective Handy Rope

Essential for use as guy ropes for 1H, 2H net poles and Acoustic Survey Masts. Black to be discrete in the daytime, at night the two relective strands reduce tripping hazards or help find your bat detector pole. for visibility and color coding rope lengths or mist nets. Not too thin that tying off is a pain, but not too thick as to waste space. 11/32'' diameter, 700 lb. load rating. Great for camping, high-visiblity lines, etc. Built to hybrid Mil Spec Standards (US Military does not use reflective cordage). Used at all BCM/BSS workshops. Sold by the foot. We will cut to any length desired up to 1000'. Select pre-cut 12' lengths for typical single-high mist net guy rope lengths, 4 recommended for each 1H net, 8 for each 2H net.


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Package of (4)- 12' lengths $14.50 elitesilver001praddtocart2b1a9


Pettersson M500 USB Microphone Accessories

handyrope1T4USB A to Mini B USB2 Cable
10' Microphone cable. Perfect length to get your M500 mic above you or a vehicle out of the clutter and closer to where bats are, and still have a few feet of cable to set a tablet/laptop down or hand off. White so it's just easier to find in the dark. This cable directly connects a M500 to a laptop/netbook/tablet with a full size USB port.

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handyrope1T5USB Mini B to Micro OTG

8'' Microphone connection to Android devices. Directly connect an M500 to your Andriod based phone or tablet that only has a Micro USB "On the Go" connector. Intended for handheld use, just use rubber bands or velcro your M500 to your device.

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USBExtention30' USB Active Extension Cable

Normal USB cables can be run up to 20'. Beyond that, you must use an Active Extension Cable. We have deployed two AEC on a M500, in conjunction with a regular cable which successfully ran all night 70' from a netbook without a hitch. Note: some low power tablets such as the Asus AT100 cannot drive this extension cable. We have not tested on an Andriod device.


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handyrope1T6USB Micro OTG to USB A

5'' Microphone adapter to Android devices. For longer USB cable runs to your Android device, using "full size" USB connectors. Right angle on the Micro side for easier smartphone holding.

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Pettersson D500x Accessories

ExtMic2T2D500x External Microphone
Weatherproof but like any microphone, not long term corrosion proof. Mount horizontal for best weatherproofing.

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DMXcableT2D500x Mic Extension Cable
Heavy duty professional audio cable to remotely place microphone. No signal loss on a D500x external mic. Select length in shopping cart; longer lengths over 100' available, email or call for quote.

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surveypouchsmall1a1D500x Survey Pouch

Any bat detector should be up off the ground during a recording session. The microphone is closer to bats and there is less chance the detector will be stepped on, run over, or carted off by unhelpful wildlife. The size and weight of this detector does not lend itself to be easily taped to a limb or balanced on a ledge. BCM designed this custom pouch so that a D500x can be hung on a tree trunk and the microphone angled in any direction by an adjustable strap. The front side is heavy mesh and allows the buttons to be used. The display is mostly visible for visual confirmation that the detector is working and can be seen from a distance. Not waterproof. Compatible with early D500x when using the internal microphone, or current D500x when the external microphone is plugged directly into the chassis.


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DMXAdapterpre2013T2D500x-to-DMX Mic Cable (pre-2013 replacement)
1m long cable required to connect 5-pin DMX mic cables to the D500x external mic port. One is included with every external mic sold before March 2013. This is a replacement item for these units. Not necessary for D500x purchased after March 2013, or units which have been upgraded with the DMX port on the chassis.


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powercablepre2013T2D500x External Power Cable, original
30cm/16 inch cable terminates in "S" for connection to 6v rechargeable batteries or
Battery Tender accessories. Solid "S" connector and epoxy-filled detector plug for reliable long life. For all D500x purchased before March 2013.

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D500x External Power Cable 2013-Present
30cm/16 inch cable terminates in "S" for connection to 6v rechargeable batteries, Battery Tender, or Xciter charger accessories.PETD500xpower2014a1

Custom manufactured specifically for the D500x, the 2.5mm power plug with screw-in "locking-ring" is designed for reliability, long-life and a secure connection between your detector and external power supply. For all D500x purchased after March 2013.   

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